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Traditionally, when a couple decides to divorce, each spouse retains an attorney and adversarial legal proceedings begin.  The parties hand over the process to their respective attorneys, who then engage in a win-lose contest over children, money, and property.  This process can be very protracted and extremely expensive.  More importantly, the anger and emotional fall out from an adversarial proceeding is devastating to all parties, especially children.  Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are excellent alternatives to the typical adversarial approach to divorce.  Both alternatives are far less expensive, yield fair results, give the parties control over the process and their eventual settlement, help them to heal, and leave them with a sense of respect for themselves and each other.  In families with children, mediation and collaborative divorce can shield them from the acrimony and emotional anguish that so often accompanies a litigated divorce.

The law Office of Deborah Noonan is committed to assisting parties who wish to resolve their disputes using divorce mediation or collaborative law.  This website explains these alternative processes and answers some frequently asked questions.

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